Sales Rules And Application


  • Only ONE copy of the horse will ever be out there at one time.
  • Horses registered will KEEP their show name, but you may add your own stables initials e.g BWS/(Your initials here) Fire Fury.
  • Do not edit the horse in any way, like changing coat colours, although there is an exception that you are able to change the styling of the mane and tail.
  • If you for whatever reason do not want the horse anymore, you can offer it back to us as your FIRST choice.
  • If we do not want the horse back you can sell it to someone else, but you have to tell them the rules first.
  • NO horse bred by BWS will go onto mass download sites such as The Exchange or anything else.
  • When making the application, to show you have read these rules put your fave colour at the end of the application.
  • If you are found breaking these rules Bush Wood Stud will no longer give you the option to obtain our horses.
  • Only ONE foal per foal crop will be given out to each individual stable. Unless otherwise stated.
  • We will NOT keep a copy of the horse after it has been sold.


Your Name:
The Name Of Your Stable: 
Website URL (if applicable): 

Do you plan on adding your own prefix to the name? If so what is it? (e.g.. BWS/___):
Barn Name of Horse: 

What is your intended use of the horse? (breeding, competitions, recreation, etc.): 
Would you like a personalized E- mailed certificate?: 
Have you read the rules and regulations (above)?: 
Do you agree to comply with the rules and regulations?: 
Secret Word: 

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